Notice about Course Registration of 2020-2021(2) for Overseas Students
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To all overseas students:

The arrangement of course registration of 2020-2021(2) is as the follows:

The system will be opened three times for course registration and alternation. The first one is from 9:00 of Jan.18th to 18:00 of Jan.22nd; the second is from 9:00 of Mar.8th to 18:00 of Mar.12th; the last time is from 9:00 of Mar. 22nd to 18:00 of Mar.26th.

You can select or change courses during these three periods. If you missed the deadline, your application for course alternation would not be accepted. So you’d better use “My timetable” application to check whether you have successfully selected the courses in the system.

The attached is the timetable collected from the schools. It is not 100% fixed for there would be some changes about the time or place of some courses. Please be alert to the timetable in your system account.

Provost Office of Graduate School

Jan. 8th, 2021